Never fails to astound me. We as human beings have no clue to the power we have against and for one another. The one you shared your bed with for months and loved after love felt lost is the reason you cry when water runs from a faucet down your face. A complete stranger can make a comment of complete ignorance but could inflict a war full of more daggers and ugliness anyone could imagine. Kindness between our species , just one single time can inspire and fuel a pave a path for one who was once lost. Your words mean something. Your heart is connected to a vein that is pumping the same blood as mine. Humans make me laugh, ones on the television screen can make me cry, ones I curse in my car make me feel immoral rage, seemingly rational humans who abide by stringent societal rules and biblical moral can politely infuriate me in the deceivingly kindest way possible and humans I randomly have a conversation with while out of my mind drunk that I will never ever see again have me thinking and intrigued in a way I never thought possible..
There is this insane power that lies between us, that connects us and it's the same power that will separate us and bring us closer to another... And then another or farther and farther from our humanity. What does it take for another human to human interaction to make one realize this is single connection is good enough ? That this persons being is good enough ? Is availability the equivalent of  good enough or is the quality of the connection though not always readily available the real truth?
The bond that binds is stuck together by the glue of influence. Thought is individual yet stronger through a collective consensus and also  weakened by the opposing consensus as well. Today "trending" is poisoning our minds by creating a false sense of consensus as a pool of thought that actually is inflated and does not exist but is intended to deceive the lesser. Thus leaving those outside feeling slighted. Damned if you do and dammed if you don't.
Instinct is the power of individual sense. Abandon thought and rely on instinct and through that unspoken consensus which is the fulfillment of surety based on sense of self aka the panel inside you will learn more about yourself than ever thought possible.  

Amelian HamiltonComment